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When you're shipping something like reptiles it really matters whose behind the service you choose. Crested Mania is so glad to be shipping with a company where Debbie Price is so involved and valued! It feels so good to know every package will be tracked as if it were her own! Reptiles2You is the only shipping company we trust with our reptile shipping needs!! Reptiles2You is ☆☆☆☆☆ service all the way!

Lauren Rohrbaugh, Crested Mania

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Hurricane HARVEY Relief Donation
Reptiles2You stated a couple weeks ago that we would donate part of our profit from every order we received for the first 10 days of September to hurricane Harvey relief efforts targeted to the reptile community.

We are proud to announce that we have donated $1,580 to Gina Disteldorf's Heart of Gold Rescue, and $500 to Shawn Gray of HERPS Exotic Reptile and Pet Shows and NightGlow Reptiles.

Gina is a Wildlife Rehabilitator and rehab instructor for the Texas Wildlife Rehab Center, a high school Biology and Aquatic Science teacher, Education Chairperson for the East Texas Herpetological Society, and does many free education programs on native and exotic reptiles around the Houston and surrounding areas throughout the year. In her SPARE time (when is THAT?!) Gina personally takes in unwanted, sick or injured reptiles and rehabs them (in her home) for use in educational programs and placement in permanent homes. THANKS Gina for all you do for the reptile community!

Shawn has been tireless in his personal efforts to help others in the reptile community in the Houston area. THANKS Shawn for all you do for the reptile community!

Reptiles2You applauds the efforts of Gina and Shawn, and countless others like them who have given of themselves to provide assistance to those in our industry, and we thank YOU - our loyal customers - for helping make these donations possible by YOUR support of Reptiles2You!

Hurricane IRMA Relief Donation
In line with our relief effort for Hurricane Harvey, we want to provide some financial assistance to those in FL who were hit hard by Hurricane Irma.

Reptiles2You will donate $5 for every order placed from midnight last night (12:00 AM Friday, 9/15) through midnight a week from this coming Sunday (12:00 AM Monday, 9/25) to reptile related rescue efforts in FL. If you have suggestions on good organizations we might donate to, email to

Proper Label Addressing and FedEx Address Validation Service
We are now utilizing FedEx AVS (Address Validation Service) to help ensure successful delivery of your shipments. Please see important info here about what it does, and tips for addressing your labels properly.

Shipping to CANADA!
Reptiles2You is proud to announce a partnership with Canadian import specialist Reptile Express to transport reptiles and amphibians to and from Canada!.  DETAILS HERE

Package Labeling Reminder
Please be sure to properly label your boxes as required by US law to minimize the likelihood of your package being opened for inspection. Specific labeling requirements may vary from state to state (it is YOUR responsibility to know the regulations that pertain to your shipment), but generally speaking you should always mark the outside of your shipping container with at least: 1) common name of the animals enclosed, 2) scientific name of the animals enclosed, and 3) quantity of each animal enclosed. Download our Box Labeling Form to make it easy to note these three items. Please also review our Shipping & Packing Guidelines page to be sure you are configuring your shipments properly. Help protect our industry - pack and ship properly and legally!

Dry Goods Shipping
Orders for dry goods (packaging supplies) are shipped Monday thru Thursday with a same day shipping cutoff time of 2:00p ET (orders placed after 2:00p ET will be shipped the next shipping day). If you have an urgent need for an order to be shipped out on a Friday, email us and we will try to accommodate.