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Questions About Reptiles2You Website

This page contains FAQ's about using the Reptiles2You website (other Help/FAQ categories are listed in the box to the left).

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  1. Proper Label Address Formatting
  2. FedEx AVS (Address Validation Service)
  3. Can I schedule a pickup when buying a label?
  4. Can I choose other Fedex options when buying a label?
  5. NEW! Select Label Printer Type (Laser or Thermal)
1. Proper Label Address Formatting

Having the Shipping Address on your label properly configured can prevent problems and help ensure successful on-time deliveries. Here are a few tips to follow to be sure your label is formatted properly:

  • Put ONLY the building number and street name in the Address 1 field - do NOT put "ADDRESS QUALIFIERS" (Apt #, Lot #, Suite #, etc) in Address 1 field).
  • Put "address qualifiers" ("Apt #, Lot #, Attn: Joe Blow", etc) in the Address 2 field - NOT in Address 1.

When you select previously saved addresses from the drop down boxes on the Shipping Labels page, be sure they are structured properly as described above - ADDRESS QUALIFIERS "Apt #, Lot #", etc) CANNOT BE IN THE ADDRESS 1 FIELD! If your saved addresses are formatted incorrectly, EDIT/CHANGE THEM in your My Account Address Book HERE)!

2. FedEx AVS (Address Validation Service)

In order to help ensure successful deliveries, Reptiles2You utilizes FedEx AVS (Address Validation Service) when creating shipping labels. When you hit the Quote Shipping button, AVS compares the Shipping Address you entered against the address data FedEx uses for actual deliveries.  If the address you entered does not agree with FedEx data, this system may modify the address you entered.

Things you may sometimes see:

  • Some words may be abbreviated (e.g. "Apartment" may be changed to "APT", "Street" may be changed to "ST", etc).
  • Street and city names may be changed to all capital letters.
  • City name may actually be CHANGED in some occasions (when two small municipalities have "fuzzy boundaries" or overlapping routes, FedEx AVS may change the city name based on their routing info).
3. Can I schedule a pickup when buying a label?

YES! Towards the bottom of the page on which you create your label, there is a blue bar that says "Schedule a Pickup". Just click on the bar to display instructions and a SCHEDULE PICKUP button that allows you to schedule your own pickup.

4. Can I choose other FedEx options when buying a label?

YES!  Towards the bottom of the page on which you create your label, there are several blue bar that provide various FedEx options like Shipment Email Notifications, Schedule a Pickup, and HAL (Hold at Location).  Click on the respective bars to see instructions.  If you have questions or need help please email us or call us at 404-477-4102, and we'll be glad to help.

5. Select label printer type (Laser or Thermal)

One of the Option sections on the page on which you create labels (the blue bars towards bottom of the page) is "Select Label Type (Laser or Thermal"). Click to expand the section, and select whether you want the label(s) you are buying in this session to be formatted for printing on plain paper on a laser or inkjet printer (the default), or on a thermal printer (a 4x6 peel & stick label on a label printer like a Zebra, or Dymo). Setting this option once will apply to all labels purchased in the current buying session. Once you leave the BuyLabels page and checkout, this option will reset to the default of "Laser".  If you want thermal labels, set it back to Thermal each time you place a new order for labels.