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Reptiles2You provides discounted FedEx shipping services to our registered members. Reptiles2You is FREE TO JOIN, simply click the button below to sign up and start saving money today!


A big thank you once again to Debbie Price and Reptiles2You for saving an important package for me! Here is a quick summary of how it went: Me: The package is late and needs to arrive this afternoon! FedEx: The package will not be delivered today, it will be delivered tomorrow. Me: Debbie... HELP! FedEx: UH-OH! Debbie: (using The Force movements) You will make an exception. You will put the package on the truck and deliver it right now. FedEx: We will deliver the package right now. Package: I'm on the truck & Out For Delivery! (was delivered 90 minutes later) Debbie: Just another day at the office...


Welcome to Reptiles2You!

Reptiles2You was founded by Clay Ghann (CEO of Ghann's Cricket Farm, Inc) and Debbie Price (former Customer Service Manager of Reptiles Express).  
Drawing from our close association with Ghann's Cricket Farm, Reptiles2You is backed by over 70 years of experience - no other reptile shipping company can say that!
We bring quite a bit of experience to the table in several very key areas:
  • Working directly with manufacturers to develop special containers for live shipments... 
  • Negotiating best prices and shipping rates... 
  • Partnering with carriers to develop and implement best practices to ensure sensitive shipments arrive alive and in good condition....

Take that kind of industry expertise, mix in a Customer Service Manager like Debbie Price (whose reputation for taking care of her customers borders on “legendary”), season it with the integrity and honesty that has made Ghann’s an industry leader since 1952, and it's easy to see why Reptiles2You is the standard by which other shipping companies are measured.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs, and to earn your business and your trust.
Thank your for considering us.
Clay Ghann
Managing Partner