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If something shipped on a Friday is delayed it will not be delivered until the following Monday (or later), which could easily result in dead animals - NEVER ship live items on a Friday!
FedEx DOES operate as usual on Martin Luther King Day.
Heightened security measures for the 2021 United States Presidential Inauguration will include extensive road closures and restricted access to many locations in the Washington, D.C. area including some bridges and tunnels leading into and out of the area. FedEx will be operating during these events where possible, however because of enhanced local security measures and mandates set forth by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for this National Special Security Event (NSSE), customers may experience service delays and disruptions within the security zones. Please continue to checkFedEx Service Alerts for the latest info from FedEx.
Delays Continue
Things are flowing better than they were a few months ago, but FedEx is still experiencing some delays and delivery problems due to the high volume of packages in their network. We still recommend shipping live items on Tuesday or Wed as the overall volume in the FedEx system may be a little lower, meaning less chance of delays.

FedEx Guarantees Still Suspended
All FedEx service failure guarantees are still suspended, and they are still not honoring all delivery signature requests - so don't purchase delivery signatures - save your money.

Avoid Shipping on Mondays
Monday is the busiest day for FedEx, please consider shipping on Tuesday or Wednesday rather than Monday to reduce chances of delays in transit. We also suggest not shipping live items on Thursdays unless absolutely necessary, as a delay could mean your shipment is not delivered until the following MONDAY. Since many delays are due to heavy volume at the destination areas, we highly recommend shipping "HAL" ("Hold at Location") to a FedEx facility and allow your recipient pick up there to avoid "last mile" delays. 
FedEx posts important information about service delays on their website - before shipping, we strongly recommend checking for their latest updates atFedEx Service Alerts.

We also post updates and useful info on ourReptiles2You Facebook page.
FedEx is in the process of upgrading their labeling infrastructure (label barcode format, software, etc). Labels you get from our site are in their new format, but if the label is for a HAL (Hold at Location) shipment, some FedEx stations are unable to scan the new barcode properly (yes - the labels we provide to you are actually created by FedEx, in their designated format, and some of their own scanners cannot read them properly).

FedEx had said they would have their entire system updated by Christmas, but we are hearing reports that some FX stations are still printing the additional small barcode label to apply to HAL shipments. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO ANYTHING - the FX agent will know when they scan your package if the additional label is required. (Just be advised that if you are dropping off more than one package, only give the FX clerk ONE AT A TIME to ensure that additional labels they may print are not applied to the wrong package.)
Orders for shipping supplies are shipped from our Augusta, GA warehouse (Ghann's Cricket Farm) Monday thru Thursday. In the past we have shipped supplies orders the same day on orders received before 2:00p ET, but due to a significant increase in volume of both our R2You shipping supplies orders and Ghann's cricket shipments we can no longer guarantee same day shipping. Orders will be shipped ASAP after receipt, and in most cases will probably be shipped the same day, but in some cases it may be one or two business days after we receive the order - so plan accordingly. CLICK HERE for more detailed info

If you have an urgent need for an order to be shipped out on a Friday, email us and we will try to accommodate.
Reptiles2You can help facilitate shipping into Canada via our partnership with Canadian import specialist Reptile Express - DETAILS HERE. (Note: this is the ORIGINAL "Reptile Express" in CANADA - NOT the American company that goes by by a similar name.)
Packages can be REFUSED BY FEDEX or delayed in transit if not labeled properly.

Both the Lacey Act and IATA (International Air Transport Association) require that all packages containing live animals be properly identified and labeled, and FEDEX REQUIRES THIS AS WELL.

Requirements in some states may differ slightly (we suggest checking with individual state FWS offices for complete info), but generally speaking requirements are:
  • Common name of species in package
  • Scientific name of species in package
  • Quantity of animals in package
Florida and California are known to be especially vigilant about inspections/citations, and lately we have heard reports of other states tightening up as well.

On ourFAQ pagewe provide afillable PDF form(you can fill it out on your computer and print it out). Be sure the label is securely attached to your package, that it does not cover any part of the FedEx label (placing it on one SIDE works well), and taped over completely with clear tape for protection. (Our label also reminds FedEx employees that Reptiles2You is officially approved to ship live animals to businesses and residences (helps prevent over-zealous FX employees from refusing to accept your pkg)). Be sure to also include the same information INSIDE the box (under top flaps on top of foam insulation).

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Debbie - I enjoyed meeting you at the show in Pomona, and have already begun using Reptiles2You for my shipments! (Even though I still have credit on account with another shipping company - I don't want to give that other company the chance to mess up ANOTHER cold-weather shipment for me!!). I totally understand now why people rant and rave about Reptiles2You and your customer service - I can tell from our conversation at the show and from my experience using Reptiles2You so far that you stay on top of things! Shipping can be stressful, it feels good knowing my animals are being sent out into the world with you as their "guardian angel" to watch over them - SO GLAD to be a Reptiles2You customer now!

Kim Calhoun, The Gecko Geek