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While last week was a little better than the previous week, FX still had significant problems with delays. We have been in touch with Regional Directors within the FX network who stress to us that they are implementing new procedures they believe will help them better handle the tremendous volume they continue to have. They obviously cannot guarantee things will be better next week, but their enthusiasm makes us hopeful. We still recommend NOT SHIPPING ON MONDAY - wait until Tuesday at least so we can see what things look like.
It has come to our attention that a SCAMMER has used our name and logo in FAKE COMMUNICATIONS in an attempt to defraud.

We received communication from someone in the process of buying a snake (a GTP) from an unfamiliar Seller online. This buyer said the Seller-SCAMMER sent them THIS MESSAGE representing themselves as Reptiles2You in an attempt to get this Buyer to send them money in advance of shipping the snake. The Buyer was suspicious of the situation as well as the wording & grammar in the communication, and thankfully contacted us to check - we told him right away it was FRAUDULENT!

The Seller-SCAMMER initially requested the money be sent in bitcoin or via MoneyGram. When the Buyer balked at that, the Seller-SCAMMER then provided a Paypal account to send the money to, in the name of Michael Chege under email address michaelchege202@gmail.com. Another email address believed to be associated with the Seller-SCAMMER is kinyungombi@gmail.com, as well as THIS Facebook account which WAS in the name of Emilia Zangue until a few days ago, and has now been changed to the name Mary Zangue. BEWARE OF DEALS OR PEOPLE THAT DON'T FEEL RIGHT!!
The VAST majority of FX locations provide excellent service and great results for our customers. However, occasionally there are locations that are problematic and we recommend avoiding. We will maintain a list of such stations here, organized by state.

ROCHESTER, MN - As of 4/2021, this station handles lots of shipments that contain DRY ICE. Live animals cannot ship in close proximity with dry ice, so station often cannot accept live items for shipment.
NEVER SHIP LIVE ITEMS ON A FRIDAY! If something shipped on a Friday is delayed it will not be delivered until the following Monday (or later), which could easily result in dead animals.

Monday is the busiest day of the week for FedEx (delays are more likely), and shipping live items on Thursdays is a little more risky as a delay could mean your shipment is not delivered until the following MONDAY.

BEST Days to ship live items: TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY.

Also, since delays are often due to heavy volume at the destination areas, we recommend shipping "HAL" ("Hold at Location") to a FedEx facility and allow your recipient pick up there to avoid "last mile" delays. HAL can be selected on the Shipping Labels page when purchasing your label.
FedEx posts important information about service delays on their website - before shipping, we strongly recommend checking for their latest updates atFedEx Service Alerts.

We also post updates and useful info on ourReptiles2You Facebook page.
FedEx is in the process of upgrading their labeling infrastructure (label barcode format, software, etc). Labels you get from our site are in their new format, but if the label is for a HAL (Hold at Location) shipment, some FedEx stations are unable to scan the new barcode properly (yes - the labels we provide to you are actually created by FedEx, in their designated format, and some of their own scanners cannot read them properly).

FedEx had said they would have their entire system updated by Christmas 2020, but apparently that did not happen - we are hearing reports that some FX stations are still printing the additional small barcode label to apply to HAL shipments. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO ANYTHING - the FX agent will know when they scan your package if the additional label is required. (Just be advised that if you are dropping off more than one package, only give the FX clerk ONE AT A TIME to ensure that additional labels they may print are not applied to the wrong package.)
Reptiles2You can help facilitate shipping into Canada via our partnership with Canadian import specialist Reptile Express - DETAILS HERE. (Note: this is the ORIGINAL "Reptile Express" in CANADA - NOT the American company that goes by by a similar name.)
Packages can be REFUSED BY FEDEX or delayed in transit if not labeled properly.

Both the Lacey Act and IATA (International Air Transport Association) require that all packages containing live animals be properly identified and labeled, and FEDEX REQUIRES THIS AS WELL.

Requirements in some states may differ slightly (we suggest checking with individual state FWS offices for complete info), but generally speaking requirements are:
  • Common name of species in package
  • Scientific name of species in package
  • Quantity of animals in package
Florida and California are known to be especially vigilant about inspections/citations, and lately we have heard reports of other states tightening up as well.

On ourFAQ pagewe provide afillable PDF form(you can fill it out on your computer and print it out). Be sure the label is securely attached to your package, that it does not cover any part of the FedEx label (placing it on one SIDE works well), and taped over completely with clear tape for protection. (Our label also reminds FedEx employees that Reptiles2You is officially approved to ship live animals to businesses and residences (helps prevent over-zealous FX employees from refusing to accept your pkg)). Be sure to also include the same information INSIDE the box (under top flaps on top of foam insulation).

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I have been shipping reptiles with Debbie Price for many years and have always received fast, reliable customer service. In the event of a carrier mishap Debbie quickly tracks down my package and gets it moving again. I feel safe shipping with Reptiles2You because I know Debbie truly CARES about the animals. I wouldn’t use anyone else - thank you Debbie and Clay!

Jessica, GeckoBabies.com