Deli cups are perfect for temporarily housing small animals of various types for shipping or showing.  Select a cup that doesn't have an excessive amount of room (jostling around in transit allows greater chance of injury).

CLEAR cups are great for displaying at shows, SEMI-CLEAR are fine when complete clarity isn't as important (e.g. to ship your reptiles).

ALWAYS SHIP RESPONSIBLY by using carrier approved packaging materials (e.g. our boxes which are approved and certified by FedEx Labs!).

Orders for shipping supplies are shipped from our Augusta, GA warehouse (Ghann's Cricket Farm) Monday thru Thursday. Our GOAL (not a guarantee) is that all orders received before 2:00p ET will be shipped out the same day. Orders received AFTER 2:00p ET will be scheduled to ship the next business day (orders received after 2:00p on Thursdays are scheduled to ship the following MONDAY as our warehouse is closed on Fridays).

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