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Quick Quotes based on shipments sent HAL (Hold at Location) to FedEx Svc Centers, or sent to other business addresses. Shipments to residential addresses will incur a small additional RES fee charged by Fedex.

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FedEx posts important information about service delays on their website - before shipping, we strongly recommend checking for their latest updates atFedEx Service Alerts. Especially in winter months when inclement weather can cause delays!

We also post updates and useful info on ourReptiles2You Facebook page.
Lacey Act Labeling Complaince
The Lacey Act, IATA (International Air Transport Association), and FedEx all require that all packages containing live animals be properly identified and labeled with the following information:

  • Common name of species in package
  • Scientific name of species in package
  • Quantity of animals in package

Florida and California have gotten quite strict about inspections/citations, and FedEx is now often refusing to accept packages for shipment if this information is not properly displayed on the EXTERIOR of all packages. (We highly recommend placing this information INSIDE your package as well.)

We have an easy to use PDF form you can download here (you can fill it out before downloading or download blank & complete by hand):

Lacey Act Labeling Form

Be sure the label is securely attached to your package, that it does not cover any part of the FedEx label (placing it on one SIDE works well). Tape over the label completely with clear tape for protection. This label also reminds FedEx employees that Reptiles2You is officially authorized to ship live animals to businesses and residences (helps prevent over-zealous FX employees from refusing to accept your pkg). Be sure to also include the same information INSIDE the box (under top flaps on top of foam insulation). Packages can be REFUSED BY FEDEX or DELAYED IN TRANSIT if not labeled properly!

The VAST majority of FX locations provide excellent service and great results for our customers. However, occasionally there are locations that are problematic and we recommend avoiding. We will maintain a list of such stations here, organized by state.

LOUISVILLE, KY (2/2022) - FedEx Ship Center, 4901 Crittenden Dr, 2037 Callahan Rd, Louisville, KY, 40209 - this facility is at an airport. It does accept HAL (Hold at Location) shipments, but it does not open until later in the day (4:30p).

PORTLAND, OR (2/2022) - FedEx Ship Center, 5159 NE Cornfoot Dr, Portland, OR 97218 - this facility is near an airport. It does accept HAL (Hold at Location) shipments, but they will have a later commitment time at this location than at other locations. There is another FX staffed location 6 miles away at 4344 N Port Center Way, Portland, OR 92717 which typically has earlier commitment times (so your recipient can pick up sooner).

LOUSIVILLE, TN (5/2021) - FedEx Ship Center, 2037 Callahan Rd, Louisville, TN 37777 - the FedEx HAL (Hold at Location) lookup function returns this as a valid location for HAL, but this facility is actually at an AIRPORT, and FX typically doesn't like us using airport locations to ship to (security issues). PLEASE DO NOT SHIP TO THIS LOCATION.
NEVER SHIP LIVE ITEMS ON A FRIDAY! We currently do not provide Saturday delivery service via our website.  Items shipped on a Friday will not be delivered until MONDAY, which could easily result in a DOA animals.

Monday is the busiest day of the week for FedEx (delays are more likely), and shipping live items on Thursdays is a little more risky as a delay could mean your shipment is not delivered until the following MONDAY.

BEST Days to ship live items: TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY.

Also, since delays are often due to heavy volume at the destination areas, we recommend shipping "HAL" ("Hold at Location") to a FedEx facility and allow your recipient pick up there to avoid "last mile" delays. HAL can be selected on the Shipping Labels page when purchasing your label.
Reptiles2You can help facilitate shipping into Canada via our partnership with Canadian import specialist Reptile Express - DETAILS HERE. (Note: this is the ORIGINAL "Reptile Express" in CANADA - NOT the American company that goes by by a similar name.)

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We love Debbie at Reptiles2you! She went through hell and back to get our shipment home safe after a mechanical failure on a plane! The service received was by far THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER RECEIVED!!! HER LEVEL OF CARE IS WORTH IT'S WEIGHT IN GOLD!!!! You have our continued support.

Michael Schramm, Austral Gecko