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Reptiles2You is proud to announce a partnership with Canadian import specialist Reptile Express to transport reptiles and amphibians to and from Canada!

Reptile Express (NOT ReptileS Express) is a live reptile/amphibian shipping & logistics company based in Ontario with a decade of expertise in facilitating live animal shipments throughout Canada. We have formed an alliance with them to provide EASY and COST EFFECTIVE transportation of live reptiles & amphibians from the USA to Canada and vice versa.

The experts at Reptile Express handle ALL the necessities on both sides of the border: US Fish & Wildlife inspection, Canadian Customs clearance, payment of all import/export fees on your behalf, and finally the actual shipping of your precious animals to their final destinations anywhere in Canada.

The process Reptiles2You has developed with Reptile Express makes it simple for you:

  • American shippers ship your animals to the Reptile Express office in Lewiston, NY using Reptiles2You services.  Get a quote on shipping to the Reptile Express facility with our Quick Quote Tool (use 14092 as the Ship To Zip Code).

  • Reptile Express collects the animals there and handles all inspection and fee payment processes, and physically transports them across the Canadian border for the next required inspection by Canadian officials.

  • After final inspection/clearance in Canada, Reptile Express ships your animal to its final Canadian destination.

We even provide a special coupon code for a discount off our already low normal rates for the American leg of each shipment bound for Canada! (Reptile Express gives you the code prior to shipment).

Both CITES and NON-CITES animals can be shipped (search the CITES database for your species), full details and pricing information on our service can be found HERE.

When you’re ready to schedule a shipment, email Reptile Express or call them at 888-949-SHIP (7447).

Reptiles2You + Reptile Express = Reptiles2Canada!